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Partnership promises far north tourism boost

Partnership promises far north tourism boost

The company claims the agreement will help create the largest single tourism investment in Alberta's history by contributing close to $17 billion to the Alberta economy.

"We are proud of our partnership with The Alberta Tourism Authority, and it has helped expand the Alberta economy, create thousands of jobs and create tens of thousands of jobs with more jobs in the pipeline, including one from our new office on the Peace Arch," says Jim Brown of The Big Four.

"The Alberta Tourism Authority has been great to us and has helped ensure that we have a strong partnership with the industry."

All three of Canada's largest tour operators, the Vancouver Tours Company, Vancouver Trek, and Kootenay Tours, a바카라사이트re expected to participate in the partnership.

"To us, The Alberta Tourism Authority is just a partner바카라, and we work very closely with the people there, working towards a good balance between a public and private sector working relationship and that partnership will continue over the coming months with the expansion of our partnership with The Alberta Tourism Authority."

A recent survey of 1,600 Albertans showed 72 per cent had an interest in having the new provin더킹카지노ce join the North American Touring Industry Convention, and the companies hope a strong showing at this year's trade show will lead to a more ambitious membership plan that might include an international destination for the North American tour industry.